They say that if you want to become a successful writer, you should write every day, even if you don’t feel like it.  By “they,” I mean various successful writers.  By “successful,” I – and they – mean multiple things.  Some mean that your writing is read by many people.  Others mean that your work achieves for you respect and recognition as a writer, and others mean that your writing provides for you a steady flow of disposable income.  All agree that at the very core, it means that one writes well.  And what I mean by “well” is as follows:

To write well is to find one’s voice, one’s very own, distinct voice and to get to know it.  Learn how it works, how it approaches ideas and words, and how to wield it to accomplish your goal.  Whether you wish to instruct, inform, inspire, or simply express your thoughts and feelings on paper or a computer screen, to find your voice is a powerful thing.

People who have found their voice have shaped our world.  They’ve convinced men to give their lives for the common good and to take lives for their own good.  They have tapped into the deepest part of our humanity – the part that, although scarred and not whole, bares the image of God.

The most powerful voice, the voice of He who created all other voices, continues to be heard throughout millenia by dead men who consequently come to life.  This is the essence of what a Christian is.  He is the ultimate expression of what the power of the word can do.  Our words can do terrible things.  They can set forests ablaze and lay waste to cities.  But they can also do beautiful things, and the more closely they resemble God’s words, the more beautiful and miraculous are their ramifications.

Isaiah proclaimed that those who carry the message of God have beautiful feet.  And we who have heard the voice of God, we resurrected souls, have been given the privilege of joining our voices with God’s and taking his words to the world.  There are many other great things that we can do with our voices, but none of them are permanent.  None of them bring life to the dead, and none of them give us beautiful feet.

If God wills, I would like to some day fit all of the previously mentioned descriptions of a successful writer.  I would love for more people to consider my thoughts worth being exposed to.  It would be nice to be recognized as a writer.  And if it were to pay my bills and buy me coffee, I would be delighted.  And for now, with every day of writing, I am becoming more and more acquainted with my voice.  Most of all, I want my writing to accomplish beautiful things of lasting value.  And that will only happen if I spend as much time getting to know God’s voice as I do mine.