I’ve been on writing hiatus for a while now.  Life has not been mundane or devoid of things to record, analyze, or comment upon.  In fact, there’s been a myriad of blog-worthy goings on, internal and external conflicts.  Aside from the exhaustion of the “emergency long-term substitute job” as it was called by an administrator (a job in which I developed lesson plans, tests and quizzes, and guided the journalism class in a mad rush to produce a quality paper in time for their deadline), the primary reason that I haven’t written is that I’ve felt rather unfocused and well, uninspired.

I could write about God’s providence in bringing a very logically driven, scientifically astute, 15-year-old skeptic to my small group.  I could write about how the very next week, I was called in for a long-term sub job, and he was in one of the classes I taught, so I saw him every day for a month and got to develop a relationship with him.  And I could recount the conversations we’ve had (outside of class,) about God, science, logic, life, purpose, etc. I could write about the debate that I showed him and my other guys – the debate between William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens.  I could write about my internal reaction when Hitchens died a week later.

Or I could focus on the season I’ve been in with work.  The stress and anxiety, the exhilaration and sense of purpose, and everything that I’ve learned would certainly make an extensive blog post.

Oh and I’m sure everyone would love to read about our crazy adventure trying to wire money to the US.  We were successful after just eleven attempts and two missed bill payments!

There’s also the spiritual ebb and flow.  I could write about the constant inconsistency that is my Christian life.  “In this episode of Mike’s So-Called Life: Mike spirals down into spiritual darkness.  His heart gradually grows cold toward God, and the fruit of that is displayed in every aspect of his life.  He finally breaks, and he cries out to God, after which God revives him, grants repentance, and all is well…until next time.”  Wait, didn’t that exact same thing happen in the last episode?  Oh, yeah.  That’s right.  It’s the same tired story line every time.  It’s utterly exhausting.  I suspect that if it were possible, I would’ve left the fight by now, surrendered to the enemy.  It just hurts so much to fall so hard so often.  If only I were to just stay down… But of course, that’s impossible.  God simply will not have it.  So, with a strength wholly not my own, I get up.  Every time.

Or I suppose I could just write a brief summary of each of those things, creating a synopsis of my life over the last couple of months.  Would you look at that?  I guess that’s what I just did.  Hopefully this will mark the end of my blog’s dormancy.  At least for a while.