– My little corner of the world for a couple of hours every weekday morning.  I meet with Jesus here; it’s where I tend to hear him best, when all’s quiet and still, and the mad world is not yet demanding my attention.

– The painting hanging above our couch. The one that finally took its place on the big blank wall that taunted me for over a year. I sometimes find myself just staring longingly at this painting, as if I were peering through a window into another world, enchanted and sublime.

– The view of the Living Quarters from our balcony after a sudden (and brief) rain storm.

– Psalm 46:10 – A reminder to me, as I walk out of the door of my quiet sanctuary to take on the world, to be still and know that He is God.

– A typical lunch at home with the family. (My beautiful wife, in addition to being an amazing teacher, wildly imaginative artist/writer, and astoundingly grace-filled mother, is a superb cook!) Thankfully, I live just across the street from my workplace, so no cafeteria food for me!

Lovely Anna, my bride

– The eccentric child star is ready to take on the paparazzi!

– Eden in her most natural state.
– Daddy-Daughter Date Night, and here’s Eden walking along the canal after our meal at Element Fresh.

– Our walk along the canal was taken in the shadow of these imposing steel and glass towers.

– In front of the bridge, enjoying her carrot-apple-ginger juice from dinner earlier.

– Acquiring a souvenir by which to remember the evening

– Some of the guys in the KG (Knowing God) small group, having lively discussion in our living room, after the bible study.

– Young Mr. Jeremy (holding the camera and Winnie the Pooh) with his usual joyful personality shining through.

– Just around the corner from our Living Quarters, here is the church building in the foreground, with the office building made of giant legos looming behind.