This whole following God thing is hard. There are struggles, doubts, inner turmoil, unanswered questions, constant attacks from the enemy, traps set to drag you down into the depths of despair. It’s a narrow path, and filled with stumbling blocks. And often, those who are supposed to be on the same path with you trip you up or push you down for no apparent reason.  This is certainly not the path of least resistance.

But it is the only path. What else is there? Anyone who is stumbling after God on this narrow road has been, at one time or another, on the broad path with everyone else. Some were merrily dancing toward destruction with only occasional roadblocks. Some were trapped in pain and hopelessness, just wishing they could reach the end. Some were devoutly following dead religion, and some were plunging headlong into open wickedness. And that’s the thing about a wide path: it’s possible for many people to be on it while appearing to be headed for different destinations.

But all those who’ve been brought from death to life know that they were all following the same person. They were all headed for his same destruction. And they all know that any hardship that they face along this new journey is well worth it.  They know what they had, and they know the one they’re after; they’ve made an assessment, and there’s no comparison.

God has recently been bringing to my attention some areas of my life where there needs to be more healing, more conformity to the image of His Son. And by His grace, He’s softened my heart to seek Him on these matters. But simultaneously, my enemy has increased his attack, throwing fears and temptations my way. He’s muddied the waters a bit, trying to knock me off course.

But Satan has no more power than what God is willing to give him, and his efforts will fail in the end. That much, God has promised in His word.  True, it’s sometimes difficult to deal with things when the Holy Spirit brings them to your attention. It’s much easier to just go on ignoring the elephant in the room. But there’s no other choice. This is the path I’m on, and there are only two. And this is the only one that leads to life, to Jesus.