I recently had the privilege of writing a guest post for the Spiritual Friendship blog. The site has been an encouraging resource for me for the past year or so, and I was honored to be asked to contribute to the ongoing conversation over there. Many thanks to Ron for all of the editorial guidance and, of course, to Anna, faithful and courageous, for spurring me on to do this when I might have turned back at several points.

Spiritual Friendship

Mike AllenMike Allenlives with his wife and daughter in Shanghai, China, where he teaches English at a private Chinese school. He volunteers with an international youth group, and he blogs in his spare time about faith, sexuality, and life as an expat in China at Adventure in Shanghai.

To most people most of the time, I’m just married. They see me with my wife and daughter, and just see a normal family. Every so often, however, I mention that I’m in a mixed orientation marriage. Then, the response is usually something like, “Wait a minute, a mixed what?” accompanied by a befuddled gaze. I elaborate, and the person then stumbles awkwardly through the conversation, asking in several different ways if, by that, I mean that although I’m married to a woman, I am gay. Once I’ve confirmed that they’ve understood correctly, the befuddled gaze doesn’t always go away.

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